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No one sets out to litigate.  That said, there are any number of reasons why litigation may be necessary to resolve your dispute. 

It is imperative that you have a lawyer that you can trust to navigate the court system. 

Benjamin Jefferies is proud of the pragmatic perspective that he offers his clients. 

Ben advises clients with a range of litigations, including:

  • Estate litigation;
  • Construction litigation;
  • Commercial litigation; and
  • Employment litigation.

Estate Litigation

The passing of a loved one is always challenging.
The emotions which accompany the loss of loved one may aggravate strained family relationships and, unfortunately, estate disputes are all too common. Ben prides himself on his compassion and creativity in dealing with emotion-laden estate dispute.

Ben regularly advises clients with a range of
estate-related matters, including:

  • Contesting Wills;
  • Passing of accounts;
  • Contested applications for a Certificate of Appointment (probate);
  • Trust claims;
  • Breach of trust claims;
  • Dependant relief claims;
  • Removal or replacement of an Estate Trustee;
  • Power of Attorney disputes;
  • Capacity challenges;
  • Guardianship applications

Construction Litigation

Unfortunately, and despite the best of intentions, construction undertakings are prone for disputes.  Construction litigation, like construction work, requires specialized skills and expertise. 

Ben advises owners, contractors and subcontractors with respect to a wide range of construction disputes both large and small, including:

  • Construction Act lien claims;
  • Breach of trust claims;
  • Delay and deficiency claims; and
  • Breach of contract and quantum meruit

The Construction Act prescribes critical timelines.  It is imperative that you get the right advice before you miss these deadlines.

Commercial litigation

Ben is proud of the breadth of his experience in dealing with commercial/business disputes of various nature, including commercial leases, contract claims, real estate litigation, shareholder disputes and debt collection. 

Your business is unique. You need a lawyer who is committed to understanding your business for the sake of customizing a litigation strategy that maximizes your prospects of success while reducing your downside risk. 

Employment Litigation

Employment litigations

Ben is proud to advise employers and employees on a broad spectrum of employment-related matters.  From the beginning of the employment relationship to its end.

Ben offers a broad range of services, including:

  • Drafting employment agreements or independent contractor agreements;
  • Reviewing employment agreements or independent contractor agreements;
  • Wrongful dismissal claims; and
  • Harassment and discrimination claims.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you need a lawyer who understands the complex dynamic of employment relationships. 

The level of complexity and conflict tends to vary for each client. At Johnson McMaster & Jefferies, Barristers & Solicitors, we offer tailored services that include legal strategy unique to a client’s financial, emotional and legal needs.